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Choosing a school (Connecticut)

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Hello All,

I wrote in before about getting started, and where to start. I am now looking at different schools in the Connecticut area, specifically Hartford area. I've narrowed down my first step for my associates (being that this will be my first time returning back to college since high school). I have gotten recommendations for peers to speak with Goodwin and the program is very enticing, something that appears good for me because it goes step by step. Or Capital Community College in Hartford, which has an accredited nursing program. I'm torn because both seem to be good, but the Goodwin program seems to be more my speed.. especially going back as an adult. I'm not sure if there's any feedback from any current nurses or students who would have had an experiences with Goodwin colleges, or who may have been facing the same options. Obviously as far as finance goes CC is a good option, but I definitely will be applying for fafsa, and weighing out payment options when the time comes. I'm more concerned about the education I will receive and the retention of information. Thank you so much, if you are able to help! 🙂

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