Choosing between San Mateo and Sacramento for Samuel Merritt ABSN


Hi all, first time poster/long time lurker here! I've applied for the January 2021 cohorts for Sacramento and San Mateo, but am seeing a lot of conflicting information online about each campus online. I'm currently in the San Mateo area, but it seems like most people prefer the Sacramento campus. I would really appreciate the perspective of any current or former ABSN students! I've got a few main questions:

1. I've heard there's a difference in quality between professors in San Mateo and Sacramento. Mainly, I've heard San Mateo professors aren't as accessible outside of class and don't communicate well with students. Would you guys say that's true in your experience?

2. Is there an issue with getting matched for clinicals in San Mateo? Do students in San Mateo have to complete fewer hours or do rotations with less variety (like, say, not doing rotations for ICU or psych or *insert specialty here*) than other campuses?

3. I'm trying to stay in the Bay Area long term as my partner's job is here. Would doing my clinical rotations in the Sacramento area impact my ability to get a job in the Bay after graduation, or is the job market so tough for new grads regardless that it wouldn't make much of a difference?

4. Overall, is the difference in quality between San Mateo and Sacramento such that I should consider moving? It would be a bit tough with all the craziness in the world, but I really want to make sure I'm getting the best education and am willing to make that sacrifice if needed.

5. A bit silly, but does anyone know where Bowman is teaching in 2021? I've heard horror stories about that class, but I've also heard she's transferring to Sacramento.

Thank you so much to anyone who read this far! I know some of these questions might be tough to answer because of how COVID-19 has changed everything, but I'd be so so so grateful to hear peoples' perspectives.

Hello! I recently (pre-covid) graduated from the San Mateo campus, and thought I can share my thoughts! I don't think the education quality is necessarily "lower" than other campuses. Most of my professors were very helpful and wanted us to succeed. I felt supported, although the administration can be very disorganized... but I think that's with every campus. Plus, everyone in my cohort passed the NCLEX the first time!

In regards to clinical placements, everyone was able to see different specialties and the hours should be identical from each campus. I was able to precept in the ICU in SF, which was an amazing experience. If you want to work in the Bay Area, I suggest going to the San Mateo campus so you can start networking with nurses and managers. I know some of my classmates were successful in getting jobs through their preceptorship!

I had Bowman, and she was actually my favorite professor thus far! A lot of my classmates also enjoyed her class. She was tough, but I definitely learned so much from her.