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Hello, fellow nurses. I am new to agency staff nursing. I am in the process of checking out different opportunities in my area (Niceville/Ft. Walton Beach/Crestview/Destin, FL). I am already employed fulltime at a local hospital, but I need to find somethin PRN/per diem to supplement. I recognize the names of some agencies advertising for my area, perhaps because I've seen ads from those companies everywhere thgat I have lived. A couple are familiar because I have knoiwen of coworkers or agency staff who have worked for the company. However, I have seen a lot of ads in multiple regions by RD Staffing/Cardiac Staffing/R&D Staffing for LTAC prn positions. I am interested in this sort of work,and I have asked around amongst coworkers about this agency, but no one has any experience with them. I cannot find much online except their job board and ads. Is there anyone in this forum who is familiar at all with the company. Any info. weould be greatly asppreciated as I'm leary to aspply with all my personal info to a company about which I can find very little info. I know that it would seem easier just to apply to a familiar company, but thery advertise higher pay rates($35/hr) than what I've been told by other RNs. Earning more income is a high priority at this time, so I'd like to at least attempt to find sdome info on therm vs. serttling for the familiar. RN jobs aren't exactly high paying around here.

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