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choice of nursing?

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What made you choose your profession in nursing? Not nursing itself but I guess your focal point like OB/GYN, cardio, med/surg, etc. I really want to work with babies. But I wonder if it is for me? A few weeks ago was my last clinical week and also my best clinical week. I had a patient, she was about 84 I believe. And when i did my paperwork I groaned because I don't want to work with elderly. I've worked in 2 nursing homes and I guess I saw that, done that, and don't want to do it anymore. Well I always go in and treat my patients perfect. I want them to remember me like we all do. We all act as professionals no matter the circumstance (most of times). Well the day that I introduced myself in pre-planning for clinicals she didn't seem interested that I would be her nurse. Which also contributed to my moans and groans. So fast forward to day of clinicals. I'm bathing her and another student is helping me because I helped her. PT was in there working with her. Well I'm not entirely too compassionate or supportive. I smile and do my best but I've never been good at the "you're doing great comments". My friend was. She was doing awesome and I was jealous of her. After that my instructor informs she is having an NG tube put in. I instantly jump and ask if I can do it. She tells me that another nurse on the floor hasn't done it so she is going to. Oh well right? Ya, so I go in the room and they are setting her up for it and she is very emotional. I was going to ask her some questions but realized it was a bad time. So what do I do? Instantly flashback to my friend being awesome with compassion. Mind you she is watching with me. So I automatically grab her hand and hold it and tell her I'm there for her. They have me hold her cup for her to drink out of. Needless to say I will never forget this experience or that connection I made with that patient. I will never forget the fact I stood and almost cried myself. Me? I don't cry often. It made me think is anything baby related for me? Or do I belong working with the elderly? I know only I can answer this question for myself. But did any of you have such moving experiences you chose your path because of that?

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