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Hello, I am graduating in May 2014. I am hoping to start my career in pediatric nursing. I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on CHKD? Do they hire new grads? They have positions posted right it too early for me to start applying for positions right now when I graduate in may? Has anyone worked at the hospital? Is it a good place to work? What is the Norfolk area like?


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Hi, I am not a nurse (yet, still in school) but have been working for chkd for three years now as a tech in the ER. Chkd does hire new grads, generally to the floors and on occasion to the specialty units like NICU or PICU. I would definitely start applying now as it can take a while to complete the hiring process. One thing you could also look in to as a soon to be new grad is their externship program. This will get your foot in the door and your face known, even though its not paid. :/

Chkd is like any other hospital, it has its benefits and it has its issues. Chkd is currently in the process of becoming a pediatric trauma center so there is a lot of changes that have been coming down the pike. So it's an exciting time and a stressful time to join us. Most of the nurses I work with have been there for years and love it, others come and go. It's just like any other hospital. The only thing I would say negatively, is pay. Chkd is non-profit, pay reflects that. There are definitely other hospitals in the area that pay much more, especially considering the cost of living for the area. But, if you love peds, you take the cut in pay for a better patient population.

Norfolk is.... Strange. If you aren't from the area it's hard to explain. However, the area immediately around the hospital is very nice, most of the docs live right around the Fort Norfolk/Ghent area. As you head towards ODU it gets sketchy. bottom line, Norfolk is pockets of nice and ghetto existing side by side with no boundaries. There are definitely areas on the other side of the water that are safer, but depending on where you go you may have to deal with the new tolls on the Midtown and Downtown tunnel that feed the neighborhoods in Portsmouth and Suffolk/Isle of Wight/parts of Chesapeake. Virginia Beach is a close option, but can be pricy and tons of traffic everywhere. I would definitely stay away from Newport News/Hampton area.

If you have any more questions I'd be glad to try an answer them.

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