Chicagoland nurses: Which are the best hospitals to work?

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So I've passed my CNA boards, and I'm currently trying to get into a hospital for work. I live in Chicago, but I must admit that I'm not all that familar with the Chicago hospitals..

In your opinion, which hospitals would you steer clear of, and which would you think would be a good idea to apply to?

I'm not sure if this will affect your responses at all, but I *do* plan on getting into nursing school and if everything worked out, continue a job working as a nurse in the same facility.


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I believe academic settings will teach you more. Shoot for Loyola, UIC, or University of Illinois at Chicago. You will learn so much from skilled nurses and residents..

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northwestern prentice women's hospital is one of the best in the country

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Steer clear of John Stroger(cook county hospital), Mercy and Bernard's Hospitals....bad news and bad neighborhoods.....

Northwestern Memorial, and Advocate Masonic are pretty good.


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Northwestern Memorial is a good place to work!

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