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I am very interested in Truman college as it is extremely cost effective compared to the other programs I've looked at (I'm atteding their upcoming info session and have knocked out several pre-reqs). For those that are in the program or have graduated from the program - what are your thoughts? I have read up on the requirements and see that it's pretty competitive. Do those that graduate find jobs easily enough, or is it looked down upon b/c it's not a BSN from a VERY pricey university? Just curious!

Also, do you find it possible to work while in the program or do I need to go in knowing that for two years, I will not be able to work to support myself (I would most likely have to rely on loans in that case). If you did work - what kind of job did you have? How many hours were you able to work?

I have looked at other colleges but can't get over how much they would put me in debt! Also, b/c I already have a BS degree, I will not be able to get very much help from the government (they and my company only reinburse or help with tuition if it is your first BS). Also, anyone know anything about the education reforms going on now in regards to student loans and how they may be able to help offset the cost eventually (I know if you work in the public sector, they forgive your loans after 10 years, but don't know how that translates to nursing...)

Also - what are Truman's Clinical rotations like? Where are they help. Loyola impressed me as they had clincals at Children's and Nortwestern...

Also - is nursing truly in demand or will is there in fact no nursing shortage in Chicago?

Any insight would be most appreciated!!!

Thank you!!


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I don't have any insight, but I will be watching this thread, too. I've been thinking of going to Truman for Nursing and I'm in the same boat as you (already have Bachelor's).


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Yeah, I hope people answer! I threw in a ton of questions and hope some of them get answered :) I would do Loyola in a heartbeat if I had the dough, but the cost is just insane and unfortunatly it's all on me to pay for it...Nurses make great money, but I don't know if they make enough to offset what my student loans would be for having gone to a private college!

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