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I need some help here, b/c I'm not getting much luck searching online. I have about a year left til graduation, and I'm taking a trip to Chicago in January to check things out. I'm pretty sure that's where I want to head when I finish. The problem I'm having is coming up with a list of the big hospitals, and finding out if they hire CRNA's . So here's what I have so far:



Univ. of Illinois- ?????

Univ. of Chicago-Yes


Are there any other big hospitals in the major Chicago area? Is Univ of Chicago too far south to commute from downtown? Is that area too dangerous to work in? Another problem I'm finding is the main phone numbers to each hospital so I can get in touch with their HR departments. And the ones I have gotten in touch with are so funny- everytime I ask about CRNA jobs, they think I'm talking about CNA/nursing assistant jobs. So if anyone has a particular person's name/ contact info, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thank you SO much, in advance!


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I don't know much about who hires CRNAs and who doesn't, but I can add a few institutions to your list...

Loyola University Medical Center (in Maywood, west of Chicago) is another large teaching/tertiary care facility. So is Cook County Hospital, which just moved into brand new quarters on the west side.

Also, the Advocate Healthcare System owns two large tertiary care facilities in the suburbs, Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge (not far from O'Hare), and Christ Hospital/Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn which is a near-south suburb.

As far as the neighborhood around U of C, Hyde Park is a beautiful, older neighborhood which has seen many improvements in the last several years. I've been down there recently during the day, and had no fear for my safety. I don't think it would be a bad commute from downtown. Where are you planning to live? U of C has had some pretty significant labor problems recently, so check that out carefully.

Good luck in your search!


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If you do a google search for Illinois/chicago hospitals you will find that there are over a hundred hospitals in the greater Chicago area. I think it depends on what you are looking to do. Almost all of the hospitals out here are hiring. Alot of the bigger institutions will hire you but you may be limited as to your cases(many have residency programs and you may not do hearts etc.) If your looking for the big teaching institutions you have a good start with what was listed so far. As far as the level 1 trauma centers- There are 7-Cook County (stroger hospital), Mount Sinai Hospital, Christ Hospital (advocate) is located in Oak Lawn, IL. , Lutheran General Hospital (advocate) Located in Park Ridge, IL. Northwestern, Loyola (located in Maywood, IL) Illinois Masonic hospital (advocate). There are limitless smaller hospitals looking for CRNA's. I am only a SRNA but have worked the area as a nurse for a long time. My wife graduated 4 years ago from a local CRNA program and chose a smaller non teaching hospital that allows her to be involved in all patient populations-she is very happy. You may have better luck asking for the chief CRNA or the Anesthesia Department if you have no luck with HR. Have you searched and entered IL-Chicago?

Hope this helps


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