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I've been looking for extra work conducting chart abstractions and audits in California.

I am finding out that the projects sometimes take time to get started and pay on a "per chart" basis. While I like this concept, I am wondering if there are other sites out there that are popular for my search.

1 question: Any suggested sites?

I have signed on for one project focused on stroke outcomes, but it won't start until the company staffs up more RNs for the project. I've been offered a stipend for recruiting more nurses in L.A. or the S.F. Bay Area.

OK, 2 questions: Any suggested sites? and anybody else into doing this type of work?

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I see that this post is from October 2010 but didn't see any replies, but wanted to bump up the topic..

I just discovered this as a "job" (elsewhere on the internet) and don't know much about it yet. But it looks like if someone's not careful one could get into a scam - it just has little "red flags (not necessarily yours but others I've seen) " (or "yellow flags" :) But even with this one you mentioned - you are finding out some things about it that weren't mentioned up front, and seem unsure about how it will work yet they offer you money to get more nurses and won't start projects until there are more people to do it.... I would just pass that offer by if I were searching, honestly. :confused:

Then again maybe I'm missing the boat completely. But it says something that searching "abstraction" on this board brings up nothing...

(this wasn't really "advice", I was just commenting).

~ Lori :)

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