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Charlotte assistant director of nursing salary

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Hi everyone,

My wife's job is forcing her to relocate from Connecticut to the Charlotte area (Waxhaw specifically). I am an Assistant Director of Nursing at a SNF with 2 years experience on the job. It pays about $90,000 here in Hartford. We are actually excited about the move, but I can't seem to get any answers about what I would make as a ADoN in the Charlotte area. No facility or recruiter will give any firm estimate without me going down and applying. I just want to know the approximate salary I would make before we decide to move or not. I have heard estimates anywhere from $60k to $90K. Also, I have had one year previous experience as a telemetry nurse. If I went back to hands-on care, what is the average hourly rate in Charlotte. Any help would be very appreciated.


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I've seen this thread response-less a few days now. I think it is because only a small minority of people are ADONs or DONs. I recommend you apply to the ADON positions that are opening in the Charlotte area first. When you have the offers in your hands and know exactly what the salaries are, then you can make your decision of whether to accept a job and move to Charlotte with your wife. I think it would be worth the effort and troubles to travel to Charlotte and have interviews if your wife really needs to relocate for work and you plan to stay together as a family. Also, you can find threads about the salaries that nurses have in North Carolina if you dig a bit deeper in this section. Good luck!