Charity School of Nursing....wondering what to expect (3rd semester)

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This is my first time posting! Usually my questions are answered just by reading other comments. But this time I was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on classes. I'm about to start my 3rd semester at Charity (pcn & mental health) and I'm a little confused on the way things are supposed to go! The rotations are really short and I'm wondering how stressed I'm going to be. I hear different things from people but I'm not sure what to believe. I was just wondering if anyone knew what books are useful because the welcome letters really aren't much help. And I keep hearing from different people that we have to buy new uniforms, which would be hard, being that I'm broke!!! So if some one could clear this up for me I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks!:D


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I found the third semester to be the easiest of the 4, maybe it was because of the variety. Don't worry about buying any of the extra books they recommend you will not need them. Most people in my class did not even buy the required text for mental health. You will need the required text and pediatric drug guide though.

You will not need to buy new uniforms for mental health, depending on where you are doing your rotation you may wear scrubs, plain clothes, or your uniform. If you have specific questions about your instructors etc. you can pm me and I will try to help.


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Thanks, that really helps! I hate buying books that I don't need! I wish i would have known that kind of info in basics too! And I'm pretty sure I can't PM yet because i've only posted twice but from what I hear, I'm in good hands for next semester! I was just nervous about the level of stress because Nac1 made me want to pull out all of my hair!!! But anyways, thanks again!


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You may have to buy scrubs for mental health b/c my instructor wouldn't let us wear white at our clinical facility.


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Congrats on making it to the 3rd level!! When i went through it, it was intense but it went by so fast that i did not have time to get burned out. They are very organized and limit alot of questions during lecture but they encourage you to meet with them with anything you need to be explained more in depth. I recommend that you take them up on that offer if you find that you are struggling with any of the material. I must admit mental health was more laid back than the others. I found that taking it last was great for me because i get a bit tired at the end of the semester. My advice as far as testing is to study day one and do not fall behind. I hope that this helpful :)


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Thanks ChubbyLove, I figured it would go by really fast!! But I'm gonna try to keep up because I usually procrastinate for the first two weeks! As long as it's not as rough as NAC1 was, I think I'll be ok! And thanks for the heads up on the lectures! I usually get a little burned out towards the end as well, so I'm glad that you say mental health is a little more laid back, I have it last! Thanks again!

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