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Anyone applying to the LPN program at Charity for the fall 18 semester? I'm so nervous. I went to drop off my application today but was told not until next Monday. But I have a few questions. I think I have a 90 on my self-assessment score if I did it correctly, an 83 on my HESI and I completed all of my prereqs and a&P's except I had to retake a&P 2 class because of a C and ended up with an F. My advisor said that shouldn't matter since I am not going for RN yet, but I was reading on other forums that people said they weren't getting accepted because A&P 2 wasn't completed? Does anyone know about this? Another question is any of the LPN classes taken at charity school of nursing or are they all taken at the center on Blair drive? And I also heard there were only 47 spots open for the fall semester anyone heard that? Sorry for the long post I am so nervous. Hopefully, I get some responses.

Hi! I tried to drop off my application yesterday also, only to be told they weren't taking them yet. So, I guess I'll go back there next week :( Where did you hear that they only have 47 spots? That's kind of nerve wracking...I think I have a profile score of 85, but now I'm nervous if they only have 47 spots open! Yikes! Good luck to you! Hope to see u in the fall :)

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