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I recently excepted a new position at a surgery center. About two weeks after I started the surgeons I work for decided to change the policies under which I was hired. In doing so, they have changed the policies which now states that I will not be paid for any holidays until I have been there six months (which pretty much takes Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas & possibly New Years) Also, they have taken away many of the benefits for which I was given when I was hired. I guess my question is, Has anyone had this sort of problem and what did you do? I have been a Nurse for 8 years so I have plenty of experience that would help me in finding another job, but I am giving serious thought to get out of nursing altogether. A friend of mine who also is a nurse (for many years) said "Nursing is the only profession in which the longer you work, the less important you are to those for which you work!":(

Thanks for the advise wildtime88 but I'm pretty sure the changes apply to me. One of the techs (who I've known a long time) said they made her pay back the cost of dental insurance they promised her when she was hired then changed their minds! Who needs this kind of aggrevation? Life is too short. :rolleyes:

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