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Chances of getting into DE MSN program?


Hi everyone!!

I am currently in the process of applying to 3 different direct entry MSN programs in Chicago (Rush, DePaul, Elmhurst) and I am just interested in seeing if anyone can tell me if I have a chance at getting into any of the programs. I have a B.S. in Sociology with classes focused on medical sociology, a minor in English Literature, and have an overall GPA of a 3.63. I graduated with honors and completed my own thesis, worked in different offices on campus, and took a graduate course in sociology and received an A. I originally intended to go to an accelerated BSN program and then go to an MSN (I didn’t know DE MSN programs existed), but with my end goal to be a PMHNP-DNP and work with low-income communities specifically in Chicago, so the sooner I can help I feel, the more beneficial.

It is a lot of change and I am kind of putting my life on hold to see what they say (I’m from Orlando, Fl). I just want to see if I am competitive enough to stand a chance for these programs.

thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

Hi! I am a RN in the Chicago area. I did not complete a direct entry MSN program but I know people who went to all 3 schools. It sounds to me like you are well-spoken, passionate about the field of nursing, and have a strong educational background. Your GPA of 3.6 is great and having a research background is a plus. I know that Rush's program is the most competitive of the three and will be the most difficult to get into without healthcare experience. To get into these programs, you should focus on how your background in sociology made you interested in the field of nursing and working in healthcare. Don't ever say you want to go into nursing because you "want to help people." You need to be more specific: you want to help sick people, who live in vulnerable communities, who must navigate a complicated healthcare system. Good luck! You got this! I believe you have a great chance of getting into one of these programs. My advice is to apply to as many nursing programs as you can to give yourself the most options.