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what are my chances to get into chamberlain?

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Hey there i am concerned about my admissions in chamberlain, i applied and i had to take hesi and i took it two times and i got 60% overall and i needed 73% for the hesi requirements, and my overall gpa is 2.90. i scored really bad on english vocab and English is my second language. i am super scared whats gonna happen cause my admission advisor said that the comity is gonna decide and then she will give me a call next week whatever their decision they make. Anyone in this situation? HELP ME!!

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FutureNurseErica has 1 years experience.

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Sorry to say, but PATIENCE is going to be your best friend. LOL There is a pretty significant difference between your score and the required score, but sometimes the sections that are related to the sciences are not counted against you. The great thing about Chamberlain is that your test scores are not the only aspect assessed.

Question, do you have a copy of the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review book? It's for sale on Amazon and Ebay and it was a big help for my HESI exam prep.

You can email me if you would like and I can give you some more insight about Chamberlain. My email is eme31386@gmail.com.

I just reread your post and I see that your GPA is 2.9. They may want you to wait to increase your GPA. When I had a low GPA in 2015, Chamberlain told me to wait a semester and take more prerequisites to see if I could get my GPA up.

Best of Luck!

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