Chances of me being accepted into a cal state nursing program?


Hey, guys I just wanted to ask what the chances of me being accepted into a cal state BSN so if all goes well for me and I get all A's from here on out I'll finish with a 3.79 with my core classes and with 3.82 with my GE included. Which I think I can Im doing very well in my physiology class 105% and have 99.8 comm and 100 in my sociology class. I'm also  going to be finishing my CNA license in the Summer so I'll have 6 months work experience once I finish.I'm a boy IDK if that helps though. The classes I had Bs in writing 2 and my chem class and one unrelated class not sure how badly this affects my chances.

The school I'm interested in are

CSU Bakersfield 

CSU Long Beach 

CSU chico

CSU fullerton


CSU frenso

CSU Sacramento 

CSU San Bernardino 

CSU San Marcos 

CSU easy bay

San Diego state University 

San Francisco state 

San Jose state university 

You have a solid chance I feel, with your stats. I would also say you should try to aim high when taking your TEAS so you'll be a very competitive applicant. It also depends on the stats of others who are applying the same time you are. 

Good luck!