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Chances for acceptance

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I’m new here! I am starting my journey into nursing. I am currently working on getting signed up to take my CNA 1 class and start getting things lined up to apply for nursing school in fall of 2021. Here’s my situation-

I graduated in 2014 with my AA degree and then took an additional 2 semesters of classes after because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I did horrible. I had a really good GPA for my complete AA degree (only 1 C) and the rest A and B but my extra year after my degree I took I have a C, D 2 F’s a W and a WF None of those classes counted towards anything but my W was in anatomy and physiology. After that I went to a 4 year university and did an online bachelors of science in nutrition where I got a 3.88 GPA and graduated with nothing below a B


Will my two semesters after my associates degree keep me from being accepted to the nursing program? Or do I still have a chance. 

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