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I've been accepted to CUH Fall 2014 Nursing cohort. I love that it is a direct entry program. However, I am reluctant about attending because the program is new and not sure how good the program is. Are there any current Chaminade nursing students who can share their experiences and what they think of the program so far? Thanks!


I'm not sure if you've been helped already or have already made your decision about whether or not you're going to attend Chaminade University, but as a senior nursing student from Chaminade getting ready to graduate soon, I can definitely say that you won't regret coming to our school.

If you're looking to be challenged, then I say that Chaminade is definitely the choice for you. We have state of the art simulation labs, helpful and supportive professors, small class sizes, and you're always guaranteed to get the nursing courses you need in order to graduate on time. When you enter into the program, you are a nursing student from day 1 and do not need to worry about any pre-nursing prior to starting through the actual program. Your general education courses are included throughout all four years with your core Nursing courses, so it's not uncommon for you to be taking 19 credits a semester.

Clinical placement is great as we have contracts and partnerships with the major hospitals on the island, so you're guaranteed to get good exposure to the different fields of nursing.

When coming into our program, you have to be committed to four years of nursing and need to understand that our program has nursing classes specifically available only during the Spring and Fall semesters, so if you don't pass a nursing course, you have to repeat a year in order to take the class again. If you are willing to stick out four years of nursing, you will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) which opens up many more opportunities in the future for nursing management positions, specialty fields, and makes the process of getting into grad school for your Masters much easier if you were considering going to a community college to get your Associates Degree instead.

At the end of the day, the program is great, still new, so there are still some changes forthcoming, but I can say with confidence that our program is turning out high quality nurses.

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