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I'm looking into the Chamberlain online 3 year prelicensure BSN program available in IL, MN, and WI.

First and foremost, I already work for one of their partner institutions as a CNA and I'm wondering if this has any impact on tuition. Secondly, I'm wondering how the liberal arts component of Chamberlain is online and then into their online nursing courses as well.

I've read it's a fairly new program and was wondering if anyone has any insights into it, or what doing a BSN 3 year prelicensure program with Chamberlain is like.



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I'm looking into this online 3 year BSN program as well. Have you applied yet or talked to an advisor? I've read some recent posts that say HESI is being waived right now. I hope that's not the case because I was really hoping to do good on that since my GPA is low.


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I applied for the Prelicensure program in Indiana. I work at one of their partners as well as a medical Assistant. I am patiently waiting to hear back if I’m accepted. I was told today that the committee looked over it and I would know a decision hopefully tomorrow. I’m soo nervous. I’m hoping to start in the August 31 cohort.


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I'm not aware of that program but I did complete their BSN program 2017 and have nothing but positive feelings about the school. It has an easy to use computer system, a lot of input and good conversation from professors and students, They were very available and supportive.  You have to dedicate time daily but I was able to run my addiction business and graduate with a 3.8.  Good luck!