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Chamberlain LV

Hello all,

I just had a general question that might not have a right or wrong answer but I just want peace of mind. I recently applied for chamberlain school of nursing in Las Vegas for the fall semester. I have college history else where and applied with a 2.5 GPA. I would probably only have two pre-req classes that I'd need to complete for this program. On my HESI I got a 93. How hot are my chances of being admitted? I don't know how many people apply per semester but my advisor said about 40 applicants will be accepted that semester and she'll keep me in touch. Kinda worried my gpa is horrible and I'd never get into nursing school.

Hi my name is Viki and I apply to for fall this year.My advisor didn't told me how many students will get accepted.My GPA is 3.65 and on Hesi I got 72.I how we get accepted

Hi everyone,

I applied to the Las Vegas fall semester as well. Let me know when you guys hear anything. Fingers crossed for everyone!

Hi banuelosn11,

You have a great hesi score. I am not sure about your GPA. The minimum is 2.75. If they have not selected you yet try to get your gpa up and resubmit your gpa before the selection process.

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Hi everyone,

Has anyone been accepted yet? I heard the board meets June 2 or 3. I am really nervous!

Hi I heard to that the board it will meet today to. My advisor told me that she will have the news for me tomorrow which is Friday. Best of luck to u. Please let m know if u herd somthing to.Thanks. I have good GPA but score on Hesi 73.

Hi i got my acceptance phone call today! I'm so excited and still in shock. Did anyone else get accepted?