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Chamberlain or Elmhurst College?

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What school should I choose for my BSN (pre-licensure)?

  1. 1. What school should I choose for my BSN (pre-licensure)?

    • Chamberlain - it's so fast!
    • Elmhurst College

Hi everyone,

I could really use some advice in regards to choosing a school to obtain my BSN (pre-licensure).

I have about 60 college credits from a local junior college. I am looking to obtain my BSN as soon as possible really. I plan to go to grad school after I obtain my BSN and hopefully some ICU experience. I want to go to CRNA school afterwards and I know it is really competitive so I'm not sure if going to Chamberlain is the best route.

If I go to Elmhurst, at least I know its a quality program but it would take me about 1.5 years longer to get my BSN. I would get a $12,000 scholarship from Elmhurst though.

Chamberlain on the other hand, I would obtain my BSN pretty quickly but I would be in a lot of student loan debt.

What should I do? Thoughts on Chamberlain? Is it a good enough program to get into CRNA school later on?

Any advice is welcome. Thank you everyone!

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