Sacramento Campus 2018

  1. Anyone applying for this fall? I applied and am currently going over my transcripts with an advisor before we schedule the Hesi. Anyone know what to expect such as scheduling, how many students they accept etc.? I have all the pre reqs done so Idk if that affects my acceptance or not being they are a direct entry 3 year program.
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  3. by   Cjandmavsmom
    Anyone else apply for this fall? I have my Hesi scheduled for 2 weeks from now and they told me deadline for transcripts was March 30 so I am hoping I won't have to wait too long to hear from the committee after I take the Hesi.
  4. by   KaitFutureNurse
    The fall 2018 cohort should still be accepting , I think the March 30th deadline was fir the May cohort! I hope to get into fall
  5. by   Cjandmavsmom
    My advisor said the first or second week of May the committee was going to meet but I got into sac city.