1. I am looking into going to the NEW cleveland campus. Anyone going to Cleveland now? Let me know what you think. I have a years worth of transfer credit . looking to start in the spring. Let me know what you think. Looking for classes teachers? things like that thank you!!
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  3. by   Cleveland Rocks22
    Hello! I recently got accepted to Cleveland campus! I will be starting this Sept! Im not going to lie at first I was a little skeptical of this school, but with A LOT of research I did online I'm happy with my choice!( I even went as far as to contact a CCNE committee member just to be reassured that it is accredited.) This will be my second bachelors degree so I have about 40 transfer credits cutting my time at Chamberlain to roughly 2 years instead of the 3. My advisor is AWESOME! I actually had 3 appointments with her until I decided to apply. She did not make me feel pressured in any way shape or form, she was very honest and up front with all of my questions. Good luck in whatever you decide!
  4. by   Nurse2b7337
    I would have to agree with you. I visited the Atlanta campus several times and attended several open houses!! I didn't feel pressured at any point by my advisors either. The Hesi went well and I love that you find out yr score on the same day you take the test! Good luck to you.

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  5. by   EricaElle
    I am also considering going to Chamberlain College of nursing. I already have a bachelor degree in healthcare from Cleveland State University and will probably be attending just under 2 years with the courses I have already taken if my credits transfer how I think they will. I am planning on starting in the fall. Cleveland Rocks, are you still liking the program? Have you began clinicals yet? If so where are they? I know chamberlain is very expensive. Did they offer you any type of financial aid other than loans? Scholarships possibly? How do you like the way they split up the semester into 8wk courses? Are the books expensive?? Are the class sizes small?I have so many questions about chamberlain lol I attended an open house and absolutely loved the campus sim labs and the fact that all the faculty have nursing backgrounds as well as the fact that everyone at the school is going for the same purpose. I like the idea of a college of nursing as opposed to a university. Cleveland Student if you ended up attending Chamberlain I would love to hear input from you as well. I wanted to start my own chain but have no clue how to do it lol can anyone make a suggestion? I just joined this site.
  6. by   Runner02
    I currently attend the Cleveland campus. I was all set to go to Tri C but when they had a scare regarding accreditation, I started looking elsewhere. Picking Chamberlain is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I started in Sept when their first evening/weekend session began being offered. I can work full time and go to school full time. Everyone at the campus is super nice and supportive. I had a previous bachelor's degree and was able to transfer in a lot of credit. I'll be done with the BSN program in a total of 2yrs and 8 weeks. They do offer financial aid but unfortunately I had to take out private loans due to maxing out my federal loans for my first undergrad. All the resources are there for you at Chamberlain to succeed. You just have to utilize them. I was able to get a 4.0 last session and I should make the dean's list for the semester as long as I make it out of my statistics class unscathed (Stats is not easy for me). If you're interested, call up the admission reps with your additional questions. They're great. Good luck to you and hope to see you around campus!