Chamberlain MSN-FNP Jan 2017

  1. Anyone starting Chamberlain's MSN-FNP program Jan 2017? Would like to connect and motivate each other during the program.
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  3. by   Lauralaster
    I'm starting on february 27th. How is it so far?
  4. by   Gregoire21
    Hi, Lauralaster!
    Honestly, it's not bad. I currently work full time, military spouse with a 3 year old. The hardest part for me is balancing it all. Otherwise the assignments are reasonable however I'm finding the first class is a lot of busy work.
  5. by   Lauralaster
    Ok that's nice to have the heads up. I work very part time (10 hrs per week), and have 12 year old and 4 month old.
  6. by   Llamb
    I start may 1st and I'm super nervous about all of the scholarly article citations in the discussion board questions and I'm nervous about finding a clinical site because they haven't really explained things very well. How is the first course?
  7. by   JillianNicole

    I just applied for the Fall Session FNP. How long did it take for you to hear if you were accepted or not

  8. by   katrinarn2010
    Hello Lauralaster,

    I also started at Chamberlain in February, 2017 and just completed my first course. I'll start course number two on May 1, 2017 (theoretical basis for advanced nursing). What do you think about the program so far? Any tips on being successful in the program?
  9. by   mermaidFNP
    I just completed FNP. You must find clinical site early. It was the most difficult part of the program for me. All of the information about clinical sites is posted on line in course resources.
  10. by   mauricio.anita
    Hi all just wondering how everyone is doing? I started in February.... I'm exhausted with the policy course and need some encouragement...
  11. by   shigirl19
    Hi there,

    I was a May start as well. What class are you taking now? I'm in NR 505 and thus far I've found it to be my most challenging class.
  12. by   mauricio.anita
    I wonder if we are in the same class? I am in NR505 also and it has been the most stressful course ever. The only other one that came close thus far was healthcare policy. Best of luck!