Chamberlain Miramar Jan 2016

  1. Hey, I plan on starting the upcoming semester and I wanted to know if there is anybody starting at the same time as me and also had questions for those attending chamberlain right now. First for uniforms do we have to specifically purchase them at school? I am pretty short and small and i am scared that they will be too big and I would like my scrubs fitted. Also, do they accept bright futures? i just took my hesi last week and should be going in for my drug and background test soon.
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  3. by   amanda42771
    Hi! I just got accepted and will also be starting in Jan!
    I went in last week to register for my drug and background check and was given my student login information where I was able to order my uniform online. I'm also really short I'm only 5'0 lol but luckily there was an option online to buy petite pants. I was told that some ppl buy their pants from Uniform Advantage. Idk if we're allowed to register online ourselves for classes or if our advisor has to. Will you be attending the orientation this Saturday?
  4. by   bb0214
    Hey. Yes i have orientation on saturday. do you know what time it begins? I have also heard that you can get the uniforms from UA, so ill look into that.
  5. by   mn0628
    hey i am starting this January too. i have to go to orientation this weekend. do you know your schedules yet?
  6. by   amanda42771
    I believe it's at 10. I got the uniform I ordered online from the school and I'm going to return it. I had no clue how big they would be!
    I haven't picked out my schedule yet. What classes will you guys be taking this Jan?
  7. by   Cathyc28
    Hey, .. What is everyones GPA ? Do you know of anyone who has recently been accepted with a GPA of 2.75 ?
  8. by   mn0628
    I dont have mine yet. But I am taking patho, intro to nursing and another one I don't remember. I did transfer some credits from mdc. It would take me 2 years to finish the program. I have around 3.4
  9. by   amanda42771
    My GPA is a 3.1. I don't have my schedule yet either but I'll be taking NR101, patho, & ethics online. They were able to transfer my credits from the school I attended in Chicago.
  10. by   mn0628
    I Think those are the same I'm taking. Are you taking all three online ? I ordered my uniforms yesterday. Because there is no much time left I will definitely check in the future the options at UA.
  11. by   amanda42771
    No, I'm just taking ethics online. What time/day are you thinking of taking 101 & patho?
    I called UA on commercial and she said the embroidery would cost 12.99 and she said the guy might have some in stock for chamberlain but the UA in sawgrass only charges 9.99 for the embroidery. It should only take a week they said.
  12. by   mn0628
    I would prefer in the morning. But I don't know yet. I'm missing the drug and background test. I did it yesterday so they should have by Thursday. Do you know what days can you take the classes? I used to wear scrubs for work. And the ones that are made of stretch fabric are the best ones but also more expensive. I'm gonna start with the ones I ordered from the bookstore and then I'll see. I also need the shoes. They have to be white. I ordered the coat. Because I think you cannot wear sweaters.
  13. by   amanda42771
    If you go to UA the healing hands brand in galaxy blue matches the school pants same with the greys anatomy in electric blue.
    From what I've seen online patho is offered on Saturdays but the way they have it listed on there is kind of confusing. 101 has a class on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. I might do Tuesday or Thursday.
    what shoes were you looking on buying? I wanted to but white nike free runs but they had some grey on it and idk if we're allowed to have a little color on it.
  14. by   bb0214
    The UA in Pembroke Pines has the logos. I'm just going to get my uniform from them. And yeah I believe we aren't allowed to wear sweaters like you said. I haven't gotten my schedule yet and have yet to complete my drug and background check. I'm transferring in from FIU with a 3.2, I believe my schedule will be very similar to you two.