Chamberlain Miramar Jan 2016 - page 2

Hey, I plan on starting the upcoming semester and I wanted to know if there is anybody starting at the same time as me and also had questions for those attending chamberlain right now. First for... Read More

  1. by   bb0214
    I plan on getting all white nike. I was also curious as to whether the light gray logo would be an issue or not.
  2. by   mn0628
    I was hoping to get them both the same day. But well if they don't have it. I'll probably do Thursday or Tuesday for 101 depending on what times they have. I haven't gotten my shoes for the same reason. I'll wait until Saturday to see what they say about it and then I'll know which one I can get. It is really hard to find them in all white. At least one that look nice. Regarding the drug and background if you are from Miami they will give you a list with the pleaces near you for the drug test. Hope to meet you girls on Saturday
  3. by   amanda42771
    Has anyone taken speech yet? Speech and ethics are the only pre reqs I don't have. Ada said I can take speech online. How would that work though?
    It is really hard to find shoes I hope a little color isn't an issue either.
    Hope to meet you as well!
  4. by   mn0628
    I took speech on mdc. Yeah that's weird. Speech is basically discussing stuff in front of the class. I don't have psicology but I will be taking it in March. And also there is a history class that I need to take.
  5. by   mn0628
    Do you know how long would it take u to finish the program ?
  6. by   amanda42771
    Two years and two months. So I should hopefully be finished February 2018. Hbu?
  7. by   mn0628
    That's great. Me too.
  8. by   bb0214
    2 years.
  9. by   bb0214
    what color pants did you get from UA?
  10. by   amanda42771
    Healing hands in Galaxy blue.
    You can also order the greys anatomy pants in electric blue
  11. by   Cathyc28
    Has anyone heard of or know anyone who has been accepted with a GPA of 2.80. My GPA is 2.80 and I am nervous and scared that I wil be denied.
  12. by   bb0214
    well i am not sure. but the minimum is 2.75 so I'm assuming you should be good as long as you do well on the hesi.
  13. by   agonz716
    how are you guys liking it so far? I am in the process of applying and want to know if I should apply here