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  1. I just applied to Chamberlain Houston Campus. I've been studying for my HESI but still haven't taken it yet. I've been reading people's suggestions on which parts of the study guide to concentrate and find other books to elaborate on. Not sure if it matters to this school but I am a certified medical assistant and as far as my GPA's,

    Overall: 3.0
    Science: 3.1
    Bachelors Degree Science in Psychology: 3.6

    I sent my transcripts in already and they told me they'd transfer in 56 of my credits if I was accepted in and that would cut my time down on how long it would take me to obtain my BSN from there. I've really dug as deep as I could into Chamberlains history before it was Chamberlain, and their present day accomplishments, talked to alumni, gone on the campus tour twice and heard all the negative things people have had to say (every single one of them never even went to the school), researched those negative things and proved them wrong.
    And now for many, many reasons (I can list them but it's a long list) besides the most important, their clinical sites, the graduation rate and Nclex passing rate, I really want to go to this school. I just need to pray I pass the HESI with flying colors and pray some more.

    I've took the TEAS for other schools and I hear the HESI is "easier". Not sure if that's true, I'll find out soon enough.

    Is anyone else out there applying to Chamberlain Houston or applied recently?
    How was the test? Did you get in? How soon did they let you know if so? Does anyone from any campus have any advice?
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  3. by   corbintx
    i don't know what sections chamberlain requires, but my school (lsc-montgomery) requires just the AP, math, reading, grammar, and vocab. i took the biology just because with minimal studying. it was pretty easy. 89 overall on my sections needed and 87 with the one i took extra (biology, no studying). what sections does chamberlain require?
  4. by   Texas02
    Thank you. This one is requiring reading, vocab, grammar, math, biology, chem and a&p. I suck at chem . I take my HESI tomorrow. I've been studying for it but I don't feel 100% ready. I get so nervous. I keep saying at least I can take it a 2nd time I guess, although I don't want to. I want to do good on my first try. I've taken the TEAS and made a 73, I was really bummed out about that. And I REALLY, really want to go to Chamberlain, so I'm a little stressed out. Although I'm trying not to stress... Easier said than done.
  5. by   corbintx
    well good luck! if you've studied at all you'll be fine. now i'm pretty mad about not taking the chemistry. phooey. oh well, maybe they'll let me take it separately.