Chamberlain College- Sacramento

  1. I just got accepted to the new Sacramento campus for May 2, anyone else attending for the same start date?
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  3. by   pjis1991
    I DID! I start in May also.
  4. by   mvidal10
    Congrats!! Did you transfer any credits in? I am super excited to start!!
  5. by   pjis1991
    Yeah i did. I transferred 47 credits! How about you? Me too! I can't believe its in less than two weeks!
  6. by   Chloemf22
    I got in too! Start May 2! I am so excited and nervous at the same time!
  7. by   Harpreets
    I was trying to get in but my gpa is not 2.75....I need help??
  8. by   Chloemf22
    I heard you can still get in or at least try even with a lower gpa. Get a really competitive Hesi score (90 or above) and do extracurricular things to help yourself. Take pre reqs and get As, become a scribe or something like that. Do whatever you can to show you want to be a nurse and can succeed if you put your mind to it!
  9. by   Harpreets
    What did u guys use to study for hesi a2? Maybe if I get high score on hesi they might consider looking at my application, I did just finish Lvn school but they are not counting that at all
  10. by   Chloemf22
    They'll definitely consider your LVN when the committee looks at you. Its not a point system so it won't quantify into anything but they'll see you're on a path to work in healthcare so that is great! I studied the Hesi A2 entrance exam book. Found it on Amazon. I think third edition. It was the only thing I studied and I got a 93.5. Just keep trying! You'll make it!
  11. by   zimushka
    Hi how is it going for those who got accepted?
    I am thinking about the Fall entry semester.
    What do you think so far? The school has been on for 3 wks now...

    also, i am done with pre-reqs and would technically start in the 2nd yr curricullum - how does that work?
  12. by   rylanh
    I am applying for September start as well, and wondering how you May starts are enjoying the program so far? Thanks
  13. by   GHan123
    Hey, Congrats on getting into chamberlain. I applied to the Sacramento campus a couple of days ago hoping to start in the Fall. I"m taking my Hesi in like 2 weeks which I'm super nervous for. I want to know how your experience as been so far, do you like the program overall?
  14. by   zimushka
    i guess, they are too busy to answer that's a good thing !