Chamberlain College of Nursing - GPA Questions?

  1. No excuses, in High School, I did poor. I've lived life backwards. Started a family, then got married, then owned a house etc. Now that my daughter is old enough to attend school, I want to go back. I have a 4.0 with my current school- I only took two classes so far, before I learned about Chamberlain. One is a fundamental class (so the credit doesn't count at all, from what I understand). My question is:

    I graduated High School with less than the required GPA one of the employees told me to apply anyway, since it had been over 5 years since I graduated High School. The problem is, my college credits accumulated, aren't enough, either (but they're 4.0). Should I even bother applying? If I go to a different college, they're going to make me take my core classes, and Chamberlain doesn't count them toward your GPA anyway... so I'm kind of in a catch-22.

    I'm sure that I will do well on the HESI, so that is not my concern... I'm just not sure that I should spend the 100$ to apply, when I'm scared I will be turned away.

    Has anyone faced a problem similar to this, and was accepted?
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  3. by   S.G.
    I can only speak to my personal experience. My high school GPA was good. My first attempt at college was not. My GPA tanked my sophomore year and so I withdrew in November of my junior year. That spring I applied to nursing school. I was accepted and did well in my classes. I think you should go ahead and apply. At the very least, request information and get in touch with an admissions advisor who can help you to improve your application for review. I got my BSN through the RN-BSN online from Chamberlain and I found them to be incredibly helpful with my credits and very understanding of my GPA from my original college experience (although it wasn't in nursing).
  4. by   zzyzxlove
    But you got your nursing degree else where? They still looked at your old college records?
  5. by   S.G.
    I got my ADN from a community college in NY. I had to provide all of my college transcripts. I suppose I could have withheld my transcripts from my original college experience but it would have left unexplained gaps in my education and career history. I wouldn't lie about my experiences. I explained with my essays that I grew and changed and how I managed to improve my grades and what I learned from the experience.
  6. by   zzyzxlove
    I completely understand, I was just wondering. Thank you for your help.