Chamberlain College of Nursing Master's Program

  1. Hello I am currently going to school at Chamberlain College of Nursing online for my BSN and I am thinking about continuing on for my Masters in Executive specialty track. I wanted to get some in sight from anyone that is going through Chamberlain College of Nursing Masters program to see what the classes are like.. What are the homework assessments and what is the capstone course requirement?
    Thank you so much for your information !
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  3. by   808DIVA

    I just started Chamberlain's MSN- executive track. The classes are in 8-week sessions, one class per session (solo) with 2 classes per semester x 6 semesters. You also have the option fast-tracking a few sessions and completing the program in 5 semesters.

    I work 50-60 hrs per week, acute care, have 3 active children with sports, volunteer one afternoon per week, am the only parent at home AND have lots of time to do school work. I am even considering fast-tracking this degree.

    I recently completed ECPI's online BSN which had 5-week sessions, 2 classes per session. The MSN is a walk in the park. I highly recommend it!
  4. by   tippytoes
    Can you tell me what to expect as far a school work/grading and any further advice?I want to do the executive or education track after I finish my bachelor online soon.
  5. by   Saoudishabiba
    I did the BSN program and continued on with the MSN Educator option. I doubled my classes and will be done in June 2014. It is set up the same way the BSN program is. You are already doing that program with Chamberlain, you will not have any problems transitioning over to the MSN program. I find that the MSN program is slightly more intense than the BSN (or maybe it is because I doubled the classes). Good luck to you in your endeavors!
  6. by   By His Grace
    I think it will be great if someone talk more about the capstone project please and thank you.