Chamberlain Atlanta Summer 2018

  1. Greetings All!

    I recently applied to Chamberlain, and took my HESI exam today, granted I had only one week to study. Currently awaiting my official results. I got a 77% overall, due to my mishap in the bio section. However, I received over 90% in every english section, and the proctor said they look at english and science. I am so excited right now to imagine the possibility that this may be it, I got in!! My GPA from transfer credits/degrees is a 4.0, so I'm hoping this gives me an edge and shows my willingness to work hard! I see that many people have high scores from the HESI on here, but I am optimistic that I still have a chance!!

    Is anyone else hoping to get in for this session? If so, I wanted to reach out and connect! I will be back to update when I found out if I got accepted or not...

    Be blessed!
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  3. by   Mty69

    I plan to apply for August 2018. Please keep me posted on your progress. I wish you all the best.
  4. by   asshley
    Quote from Mty69

    I plan to apply for August 2018. Please keep me posted on your progress. I wish you all the best.
    I am planning to apply for the Fall start date as well.
  5. by   AllThingsArePossible13
    Hi guys! My advisor just called and told me I received a 81% on the test, which means I passed!!! I have to drop off my military transcripts tomorrow, and then they will possibly reconvene Friday to make a decision. I should find out next week if I am in or not! I'll be back for more updates.

    Update: It may take longer because I have to obtain a syllabus from one of my previous courses to see if it transfers over for credit. That'll take 10 days to process.... I know this will save me more money, so I am praying for continued patience! Every class that can be transferred is worth a little wait time in my opinion. :-)

    That's awesome that you both are applying for August! I wish y'all the best!!
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  6. by   Mty69
    Awesome! I hope to see you then. All the best in your endeavors!
  7. by   Mty69
    Likewise! I hope to see you there soon
  8. by   idesmond
    If don't you mind me asking what is the transfer policy with Chamberlin? I'm trying change from my community college.
  9. by   AllThingsArePossible13
    Hey everyone! My advisor just informed me that I've been accepted!!! Hesi: 81 GPA: 4.0 (these are my stats if anyone is wondering).

    My class start date is Summer/April 30th. So far, I have 28 credits transferred :-) I have a couple more classes that my advisor will inquire about for me, and see if those will be accepted as well. The process has been fast and pleasant. My advisor is awesome, and gets straight to the point, plus she has been professional the entire time.

    @idesmond From what I understand is that they weigh each course individually. They do not use a standard criteria like most schools, which is actually great. You have a better chance of your credits getting accepted this way (my opinion and experience). There were other schools that did not accept certain classes (English, math, etc.) so Chamberlain definitely has me pleased! Once you get accepted they send you your course credits evaluation.
  10. by   idesmond
    Thanks for that info and also was your gpa already 4.0 from your previous college/ University or did it change once chamberlain evaluated your grades and did you have to submit your transcripts first before taking the Hesi with them?
  11. by   AllThingsArePossible13
    You're welcome! My gpa is from my previous college������
    It's a good idea to submit your transcripts once an advisor calls you back; after the initial application.

    I filled out the online application, and once she called me back, that's when she sent an e-mail requesting transcripts, super simple process. That phone call is when she scheduled me for the Hesi as well. She sends you step by step directions on how to register for it and everything.
  12. by   reziftruoc1
    I am almost done with chamberlain.
    With each class be prepared because in each class you will have a weekly discussion board.
    in each class you will have either a couple of papers and a power point or papers and an assignment.
    BE FULLY AWARE !!!!! Evidence Based Practice class is no joke!! It is hard material to read and also Community health nursing is difficult class. The other classes are a breeze. Those 2 are the most challenging and you need to take them by themselves!

    NOW this is what I want to know!!! Who on here has completed the Capstone?
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    I thought Chamberlain took anyone as long as you have a RN behind your name... Is this not the case?
  14. by   reziftruoc1
    I'm confused what test did you take?