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Chamberlain College of Nursing.....


I am looking into the BSN program in Addison IL. Has anyone attended here? Did you like it? Was it worth the $620 per credit hour cost? That is VERY expensive. Any information is helpful. Thanks!

I was just looking at this school today...they have a new location in Chicago that is really close to where I live...but I saw the $620 per credit hour and was like *****?!!!! That's REALLY expensive! That seems more expensive than schools like Loyola, etc

Right....I could not believe the cost. Even with just a few credits transferring in it would cost 60K at the least. What school have you decided on?

I know right! It's crazy cost..but so convenient. Seriously, I'm applying to every school I can and just see where I get in. What school did you decide on? Do you live in the burbs?

That is the only one as of now. All the other schools, geographically close to me, have a wait list and I really do not want to wait years to get in. Also, most are all Associate degrees where as I want a Bachelors. They were also very friendly when I went to get information. So far it seems great EXCEPT the cost so we'll see. I am aiming for the July program and the deadline is in March. This is great considering I have to study for the Hesi exam. In the meantime, I am signed up to take 2 pre-req courses at ECC that will apply. I am out in the burbs. The campus I would attend would be Addison which is right down Route 20/Lake st from me. Where are you?