Chamberlain College of Nursing Irving Campus May 2018

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I have recently been accepted into the Chamberlain College of Nursing BSN Program in Irving, TX for Mah 2018. Has anyone else received their acceptance letter for May? If so I would love to link!

Hi I am thinking about enrolling for the fall semester at the irving campus. How do you guys like it?

We just had orientation this past week and I really like it. The classes are intimate so a lot of one on one teaching if you need it as well as they offer a lot of resources to help you get through school.

Awesome, congrats! Do you have any advice on taking the hesi specifically the biology and chemistry portions. I have taken the Hesi with el centro but I didn't have to take those parts.I am freaking out.

Me too, have you applied yet

I have not. I have to take the HESI again with them and do the chem and bio sections that I have never done.í ½í¸³ Some of it looks familar from A&P.

Okay.goodluck on that, I hate that they don't accept Hesi from other place lol because of greed and money, I already did hesi from other school with 77, which campus do u plan to go

I am waiting to hear back from chamberlain Irving. I have applied for Fall 2018. Hoping for the Best :)

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