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I took the CGRN exam (computer based) at a testing site in my city a week ago. I was informed by a co-worker that if I passed the exam I would be informed..immediately on completing the exam via the computer and if I did not pass, I would receive my results in the mail.

When I completed the exam I received a msg via computer that the results were under analysis. This was a week ago. I attempted to contact ABCGRN (professional site) and also castleworldwide that administered the test to confirm if this is accurate information, but was not given any answer by either source.

Has anyone recently taken the exam and could you confirm if this is accurate information and I should assume I failed the test?



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No worries Joanie. They changed the notification for this new version. If you reprint the certification handbook it now says we will al get our results 4-6weeks after the testing window closed. I think it is because we were the first group to take the new version. I took the exam last month with 3 of my coworkers. None of us got results. I as the first to take it and it reaked me out too because the original handbook said we would get results right away. Good Luck! I am hoping for an answer soon!