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Does anyone know, is nursing license a necessary requirement for pass Credentials Verification Service for New York State?




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Don't know, but the NYS licensure division is very friendly and usually can answer your questions. (518) 474-3817 Board of Nursing.

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If you are canadian, try this site:

I was trying to find out license requirements for several southern states, and the Boards of Nursing in 2 states told me things that disagreed with this site. I have application packages in the mail from these places, and I'm hoping the secretaries were wrong about needing the CGFNS. It s a *very* expensive certificate to obtain, especially if you don't live in one of the cities that hosts the exams! Makes me wonder if they really want us down south!

Specializes in Trauma acute surgery, surgical ICU, PACU.

Also the CGFNS website:

for those who are curious.

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