CGFNS- Finished BSN in USA

by 01Nana 01Nana (New) New Nurse Student

CGFNS. Finished BSN in USA




Hello everyone . I am an international student. I did my BSN here in USA. I am really looking for help regarding CGFNS. My OPT arrived very early but my school had some problems regarding ATT so it took me some months to get my ATT and after I got my ATT , I realized later they misspelled my name. So it took a whole long time and then I got covid and got very sick. So finally after long time I am giving my NCLEX in end of May. But as my opt has already been like 4 months , I need sponsorship my company is ready to do that but they want CGFNS. Someone told me that we can start CGFNS before passing NCLEX also. So I wanted to know if someone has any idea regarding that. I would really appreciate it. If I wait till my NCLEX, I don’t know how much longer it will take for me to do that. Please anyone who has idea about it and can help me.

On the1st page it ask about the license.