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Hi Everyone,

New user and first time posting here since I didn't find the answers after searching the old threads. Hope this is the right board to post my inquiry (If not please let me know).

A few months ago I submitted a VN Licensure by Examination (Equivalency) to California's BVNPT and last week I received a notice requiring me to have my foreign nursing transcripts be evaluated by a nationally accredited credentialing agency to determine program equivalency.

Two of the agencies they've listed CGFNS and ERES.

Upon checking the requirements I found that in addition to the school transripts the agencies also require current License/License verification from the country where you had a nursing licence.

My problem is that my Philippine PRC Nursing License just expired early this year and that renewing it specially since I'm not overseas has become extra complicated.

The Professional Regulation Commission now requires Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Units in order for Nursing Licence to be renewed.

Because I'm currently in working and living the US taking the required CPD Units and renewing will be very tedious since my immediate family is no longer there to assist in processing it.

I'm thinking of asking other relatives to help with the license renewal through a written notice or Power of Attorney but I'm not sure how complicated it would get due to the CPD Requirements.

So my question is it possible to have my transcript evaluated by CGFNS or ERES without having to provide/renew foreign nursing license?

I know applicates without foreign licenses don't have to submit these additional requirements but what about applicates that have expired licenses?

Hoping someone can give some advice on the best course of actions.


Hi were you able to get an answer to this already? Coz i have same problem


Were you able to sort this problem with CGFNS? 

Someone send this link to me, so I’m sharing it. Please do your own research? Thank you! FactSheet.pdf



We have the same situation. I'm currently working here in Michigan as Nurse and I will start processing my application for license endorsement in California. I have an active Illinois and Michigan RN license but my PRC license expired last year. Does the California Board of Nursing require an active PRC license when you apply license endorsement to California?


Thank you. 

I don't know about California’s reqt. If BON california requires verification of past or current licenses then you need PRC license to be active. You can email me [email protected]

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