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CGFNS-CES question help please!

PeachC93 PeachC93 (New) New

Hello fellow RNs and RNs to be!

I'm applying for a Nevada RN license via examination, and a part of their requirement for graduates of international schools is to have my/your credentials verified by CGFNS, aka CES. Earlier today, I suddenly got an email from CGFNS saying that they only received a portion of my application and is waiting for my TRANSCRIPT VALIDATION FORM and LICENSE VALIDATION FORM. And, I got so confused because I was so careful about it before actually leaving for U.S. last February. Can anyone help me with this issue please and thank you!

You have to submit the forms yourself to them or give an authorization letter to a friend or family member to do it for you.

Thank you for replying @kaori_09. That's exactly what I did personally. I just found out a while ago that it was an automated mail sent by CGFNS in case one has yet to submit them. I was told to just ignore it when I called them since they did already receive my packaged, and it usually takes 25 business days to entirely process the whole thing.