Writing Off Malpractice on Your Taxes.

  1. Just a thought here...I am just starting nursing school (ASN) and I am already trying to plan and prepare for CRNA school. I was wondering, if a CRNA can work as an employee at a hospital full time and also work as an independent contractor somewhere? If this is possible can the CRNA write off the cost of the malpractice insurance on their taxes?
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  3. by   yoga crna
    Wow Jim, you sure do believe in long term planning!!. The answers to your questions are Yes. One of the great things about our profession is the variety of practice options out there. I know many CRNAs who have several jobs; as an employed anesthetist and independent contractor at the same time. The tax laws may change by the time you are ready to do it, but currently, malpractice insurance is a business expense deduction.

    One word of caution, malpractice insurance for independent contractor CRNAs is very expensive and getting hard to get. You must have coverage even if you "moonlight" on weekends, so make sure you make enough money to justify the expense.