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  1. I have a few questions I need answered. I am planning on going to CRNA school, but need some basic info. about the career. What part of the job is demanding on a person phisically? I have problems with my legs and was wondering if a career in nurse anesthesia is demanding on your legs pursae. Also, I am extremely family oriented, I enjoy medicine but it doesnt compare to being with my family. Would a job working strictly 40hrs. a week, and at the most 1 day out of 7 on call, be very hard to find? I know the most demanding time will be when I enter nurse anesthesia school, but thats only 2yrs, as opposed to a 20-30yr career. Any input on the work conditions and hours of work would be very helpful.
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    The answer to your question about your legs is basically another question: How bad off are your legs? I have a torn ACL in my knee, with quite a lot of DJD. Due for a knee replacement at some point. Some days, I come home hurting from having to rush from room to room, then standing to watch parts of the surgery. Other days its no problem. I have just learned to put up with it.

    As for hours, yes, there are some places that guarentee a 40 hour work week for their CRNA's. Generally, that equates to a no call position. But if you look, you will find such a job, no problem. There is such an anesthesia group here in town. But, if there is not such a group where you are, you may have to be willing to relocate.

    See my original post under Becoming a CRNA... for more on work conditions.

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    Kevin McHugh