Why such a difference in the length of programs?

  1. Does anyone think that the programs will ever unify an agree to making them the same amount of time? 24-33 months is a big difference and kind of makes you wonder why such a discrepancy? My first choice is a 32 month program, mainly because I don't want to up root my family and stick them in an apartment. However, if I did not have a family, it would be crazy not to try to get into a 24 month program.
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  3. by   WntrMute2
    A number of the shorter programs require more in the way of prerequisites than others. For instance, Wayne State's program requires graduate stats, anatomy and research prior to acceptance. Program is 24 months long. University of Detroit doesn't require those courses prior to starting and their program is 27 months long.
  4. by   smiling_ru
    Some of it is dependent on the type of degree earned. The programs that confer a masters of science in nursing with anesthesia focus can not provide what is required by both the NLN and AANA (COA) in 24 months. Whereas the ones that confer a masters in anesthesia can complete all of the AANA (COA)requirements in 24 months.
    There was discussion within COA to change the minimum program length to 27 months but they ended up not instituting that change.
    There probably will not be a time when all program lengths are the same as there are multiple degree options out there.