which school to attend??

  1. help! i have been selected to attend asu jan '08. i have an upcoming interview at middle tn state. Do i attend? does anyone have any info regarding either program? asu is close to home with a FREE place to stay while in school. mtsu us much farther away however seems to be a great school per current students. i just don't know the down low on asu. any help?!?!?! is it really worth it to go 6 hours from home to mtsu?
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  3. by   catcolalex
    any school is good that prepares you to take and pass the boards.
  4. by   dogbone
    I will begin at asu this january. It is a good school with lots of success with board results. The pd is well-respected in the anesthesia community and has a long history of producing successful crna's. I chose it for these reasons and also because I have friends that attended and I know that you are more than a spot...they genuinely want to help you succeed. I know a coupla people that went to mtsa and it is a fine school as well. You have to choose what fits you and your situation best. Either school prepare you for a career in anesthesia. Good luck.
  5. by   jackson74
    All things being equal I would go for the free place to stay every time. I'm starting crna school in Aug. 07 and will be paying for a cheap studio apartment near school because I live 1 hour away from the school. You are in an enviable position.
  6. by   sleeper2b
    i am really looking for reply in regards to the schools. mtsa vs asu and positive or negative feed back. anyone heard good or bad about either one?!?!?!?