Which ICU?

  1. I'm aspiring to become a CRNA. I understand the minimum of one year in an ICU. Will any ICU be helpful or specific ones? I ask because I'm interested in PICU.....someone please respond to my inquiry. Thanx!
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  3. by   jmccrn
    Many schools like you to have at least one year of adult ICU experience.
  4. by   WntrMute2
    I've posted this before but it bears repeating since old posts don't seem to be read. I came from a TICU and all our patients were managed by surgical teams (justbackround). Ibelieve that the type of ADULT ICU is far less important than the sophistication of the ICU. Get youself a job at a teaching hospital, one where the attending comes around a couple of times a day with his little residents and fellows and ask questions and speak up about stuff. These guys are already in teach mode and you'll find them willing to teach you too along with not being irritated thar you are slowing down their rounds. Learnind about pathophysiology, medication effects, microbiology. and experiencing just how sick pts in teaching hospitals get compared to private ones (hopefully no causal effect here) is farmore valuable than whether you pick a SICU vs a CCU. Really, the knowledge will help you out, be thirsty for information, make connections, explore your recources. Don't just bean ICUnurse who does stuff withoutknowing why. You look pretty silly in the OR when the CRNA who is with you asks you questions and your response is "that is the way I learned to do it but you don't have a clue why." BTW most schools want adult ICU experience.