whats in a degree anyway???

  1. I know that several weeks ago we lightly touched on this topic but recently I have investigated some shcools that offer a Masters in healt care admin.
    sound interesting, I know that a degree like that has its advantages and disadvantages not the least of whcih would be the seperation from nursing. but on the other hand knowing a little something about buisness and money may help in the future.
    I assume that all CRNA's regardless of msn or masters in anesthesia or Masteris in heath admin. are all treated the same when it comes to the proffessioanl role right?
    so why the disparity and what is really the diffrence.

    If I choose to go to a school that offers a Masters in health admin. would should I know and think about?????
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  3. by   AL bug
    Matt, I am in the middle of a summer full of admin. classes. I will complete 6 HCA classes this summer. I thought the HCA degree was a good idea because I have read that a very high percentage of anesthesia in rural communities is provided by CRNA's. My husband and I like living in the country and plan to do so after I graduate. I am contracted to work at a large teaching hospital after graduation so it will be a while before I move to the rural hospital. With all that said, I know that many rural hospital anesthesia depts are operated by CRNA's. I hope the HCA degree will 1. make me more marketable to these hospitals 2. help me know how to function in the business aspect. I think the classes will be beneficial, but they are NOT fun and I am completely bored. I can't wait to get into the clinical setting.