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to protect their turf? If there's one thing I learned in my short thirty three years on this planet it is that interest groups always TEND to seek for ways to maximize THEIR interests (nothing wrong... Read More

  1. by   chigirl
    ""and Chigirl which studies/claims by the AMA/government do you refer to regarding seasoned CRNAs? and regarding reasearch - how many CRNAs are actively seeking grants for research? I would argue that most CRNAs don't become CRNAs to do research... ""

    1) I haven't seen any studies so far in my search that CRNA's are causing deaths in large numbers.

    2) CRNA's and research, I think the possibilities of all specialists in this field have a great opportunity to use the clinical research process and contribute. In the end I think people should give back in the form of viable research that will help both AMA, and CRNA's do their jobs better. Don't know who else but a seasoned AMA, or CRNA that would be the best choice for this. And if I choose to become (someday) a CRNA then the goal will be from the beginning to eventually go into research to:
    perfect the art,
    contribute to the process,
    and make the job easier........

    for me personally, my background in Engineering coupled with being a Nurse will prove to be very fruitful whatever I decide to do, just gotta decide. You have all been very helpful, again thanks.

    best regards,