What a Joke

  1. I found this little paragraph on an website for Anesthesia Residents for the University of Kansas Medical Center. Ironically enough, I ended up on this website from a link off of the KUMC Nurse Anesthesia site!

    "Also, as of November 13, 2001, the Bush administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly HCFA) have issued their final ruling, stating that physician supervision will be required in all Medicare and Medicaid participating hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (2). This is a strong affirmation by the federal government that anesthesiology is the practice of medicine and that physician involvement will be demanded in the care of all patients in this country."

    Hmm....Makes you wonder which program they are in support of!
    What a joke.
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  3. by   Brenna's Dad
    That's a wacky statement, since it is entirely not true.
  4. by   deepz
    Typical hyperbole from our physician colleagues, unfortunately.

    For more hyperbole:


  5. by   Tenesma
    that statement is from a NURSE anesthesia website - and is partially correct, since states have the option to opt-out from that.
  6. by   Brenna's Dad
    As we all know, the opt-out is only about monetary reimbursement... CRNAs do not require physician supervision to practice anesthesia anywhere in the United States. Even in New Jersey...

    Anesthesiology...the practice of medicine when performed by a physician, yes,... but the practice of nursing when performed by a CRNA.

    Although I haven't visited the site myself, it appears the text was found on a pjysician anesthetist residency website, but linked through a nurse anesthetist website.
  7. by   sweetnepenthe
    What about South Carolina?

    I am considering moving south and was looking into SC licensure and on their SBON website for CRNA license there is a place for Supervising Physician, required to become licensed, similar to a PA. Unless I misinterpreted it. Maybe someone can check and see what they think.

    Nevertheless, I decided not to apply in that state.
  8. by   Brenna's Dad
    Nope, not for a CRNA...
  9. by   pigtails
    Supply and demand will prevail here. There are simply not enough MD's for every patient needing an anesthetic.

    This MDA vs. CRNA crap is getting old. The fact is they ARE two separate professions. If nothing else, their historical origin is different. Nurses filled a need 100 years ago, and they will continue to do so considering our increasingly older population and immigration, as well as many other factors.

    Addtionally, I believe many health care providers are whining about GWB being re-elceted and blaming all of their whoes on this fact.

    Think about this, Kerry would have pushed for socialized medicine, just as Hillary would have, and will continue to do so in her future endeavors. (Talk to a Canadian about how well this is working for them). And, Hillary believes Nurses are worth ~20,000/year. Can you imagine what this would do to CRNA's? Trial lawyers such as Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards are at the forefront of destroying our healthcare system and our professions.
  10. by   deepz
    Quote from pigtails
    ....Kerry and Mr. Edwards are at the forefront of destroying our healthcare system and our professions.

    Rednecks for National Health Insurance:


  11. by   stbernardclub
    someone is stirring the pot again...lol....yes, i agree, this conversation is getting old. Why would anyone want the responsibilities of a physician without the pay all the legal ramifications attatched to it?
  12. by   sway
    "And, Hillary believes Nurses are worth ~20,000/year."


    Can you give a source or some way to substantiate this claim? I've never heard of this, and find it very interesting.

  13. by   Tenesma
    Hilary also believes that residents should pay for their residency instead of being funded by Medicare... she is full of great ideas :angryfire
  14. by   SICU/ER NURSE
    I don't look at it as stirring the pot or the old CRNA vs. MDA issue, but rather keeping us informed on what anesthesiologists are being taught. If this kind of crap is being pumped into their heads when they are in school, then what are they going to think of CRNA's when they are out there working with us.

    I agree completely that we are trying to compare two totally different professions that have similar functions. Being able to stay autonomous in our profession by not having to be "supervised" or practice with a doctor is of the greatest importance. The supply and demand need for CRNA's will be there, but what about the rules and regulations that govern us? They can change pretty easily!

    That surprises me about Hillary, isn't Bill's mommy a CRNA??