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  1. Is there anyone here who got accepted to UT-Houston's CRNA program? I start this August, and would love to talk to some future classmates.

    Thanks, Simba
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  3. by   KellieRN
    I have not been accepted or applied to the program in Houston yet. Can you give me some advice on courses to take in prep. for CRNA application.........ive already taken my sciences....how many chem's do you need? Tell me how your process of getting in went. how many years of nursing exp do you have when you applied?
  4. by   SambvcaSim
    Hey Kellie,

    Sure, I will tell you what I know. They look at your science courses...so get A's, if possible. I took Organic Chemistry prior to applying, and made sure to do well. Just one course of Organic is all you need, over your undergraduate Chemistry courses. It seems they really focused in on the science courses during my interview, therefore I know that good grades weigh hard for selection.

    I have 12 years SICU/TICU experience, but some of my classmates have 3 years of similar experience...so don't let that discourage you.

    Do well on the GRE's! The board focused in on this, so take some review tests and study books to enhance you GRE score. It sounds like the average GRE score for my class was between 1700-1850. One classmate did get in the 1600 range, but had a excellent GPA.

    GPA is important, they look at your last 60-90 credit hours. Our GPAs ranged from 3.25-4.00.

    (Amusing thought: after we were selected, we wanted to know what it was that got us selected. All of us were asking each other's stats for the same reason...to answer the question of what is that one characteristic that assures selection into a CRNA program. We have concluded that GREs, GPA, and experience gets you to the interview...but, the interview nails the deal. Do well in the interview!!)

    The process for applying: call UT-Houston for application and information on school (they will send you a packet of information, along with courses required for their school), take Organic chemistry and any other course you need....Statistics is, also, required, study and take the GRE's, get 3 good dependable references to write recommendation letters for you, and apply to the school prior to the November 15th deadline. You will get a invitation, in December, for an interview in January. Mid-January is the interview, and you receive a letter of acceptance beginning of February.

    (I hope I have not insulted your intelligence...fear that you may know a lot of this)

    Interview: 7-8 selection board members around a large table, with you at the head. Questions from all the board members about your school, your desires, your knowledge on drugs-hemodynamics-CRNA profession-etc. It was hair raising, but I had some insight that it was going to happen.

    Good Luck Kellie!!!

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  5. by   bellarn75

    I am interested in applying for the CRNA program. I am currently an ER nurse and applying for an ICU internship program at Hermann. Which ICU specialty would you recommend?

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