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  1. Hey, anyone been accepted to the Tuscaloosa Component for UAB? Just wondering how many they took this year.
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  3. by   Gump
    Six were accepted from the Tuscaloosa component this year.
  4. by   Lucy54
    Thanks Gump, I'll be applying for the 2nd time next year. Any advice as to which ICU in Birmingham would provide me with the best experience?
  5. by   Gump
    I'm not sure/familiar about B'ham; Just be sure to get experience with vasoactive gtts, vents, invasive monitoring, etc.

    Units such as CVICU, NICU, Trauma ICU, MICU would suffice...
    Several of my classmates work/worked at UAB, Princeton, St. Vincent's, and Children's to name a few.

  6. by   Lucy54
    Gump, I read on one of your posts that you were an alternate for the Tuscaloosa group. Were you the first alternate, and when did you find out you would be starting classes? I am in the same shoes you were in. Did they decide at the last minute to increase the class size or did someone not accept their appointment?

    desperate for hope here!!!
  7. by   Gump
    Yes, I was the first alternate for the T-town component. I received a call about 1 week before classes started and was offered a slot. The reason that it was offered to me was because one of my classmates changed over to a different regional component at the last minute leaving the Tuscaloosa spot to be filled by an alternate. I don't know how many alternates were accepted with my class, but there were at least two.

    Look, I know it's frustrating but just hang in there! I had to apply twice before being accepted. Don't get down on yourself, just keep your head up and do WHATEVER it takes to accomplish your goals. Beleive me, YOU WILL GET IN, if not this time, then most likely next time; you are obviously qualified because you got an interview! When I found out that I was an alternate, I called Dr. Williams and asked what caused me not to be accepted originally; he told me that I was as good or better in all areas that they look at except GPA; (my GPA at that time was 3.5) which tells me that someone's gpa from T-town was probably 3.51 or 3.6, something like that) - anyway, that's just the way the game works; they don't know you from Adam's house cat, so they have to go by gpa's, interviews, etc. to base their selections on.

    Things happen for a reason, and when it's meant to be, it will!

    If you have any further questions, just hollar...
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  8. by   Lucy54
    Thanks for the encouragement, that was a very thoughtful post. I won't give up. If not this year, I'll retake some of my sciences and get more ICU experience. I'll just keep trying and I'll send a post WHEN I get in!!
  9. by   WAREAGLE
    Quote from Lucy54
    Thanks Gump, I'll be applying for the 2nd time next year. Any advice as to which ICU in Birmingham would provide me with the best experience?
    I am in anesthesia school now, and I worked in the sicu unit @ uab before travel nursing. Any unit @ uab is busy & will give you great experience. I would suggest SICU or Trauma & Burns cuz you will get tons of exposure to vents, gtts, etc. Plus you can work primarily in one unit & pick up in the other units on your days off if you want.
    good luck!!

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