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  1. Does anyoneone have any info related to the hospital and anesthesia group at ETMC. I have the info listed on GW but would like some insider info.

    TIA, Lee.
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    I have a friend that worked there before starting anesthesia school. I will ask her what she knows.
  4. by   arkgolfer
    Not sure about the hospital or anesthesia group, but there is a great golf resort just outside of town! You can stay right on the course in an A-frame condo just off one of the greens.
  5. by   smiling_ru
    Well she said that when she was there (2years ago) The CRNA's were hospital employees, Docs had a group. At that time the CRNA's did not do lines, regional (except bier), or hearts. She was not sure about OB as in the epidurals, but they did do the C-sections and took code pink call. Also said that the pay around 3 years ago was 90000/yr, probably higher now.
    It is a level 1 center and also has an ASC. She felt like the other hospital (Trinity Mother Francis) had nicer employees, but that was a while ago and pretty subjective. Hope it helps some.
    Forgot to say, she really likes the area, says it is a nice place to live.
  6. by   TexasCRNA
    To all, thanks for the info.