To Fullerton Students, just curious ...

  1. Although I am a student who has not yet begun my "real" nursing career, I can't help but plan ahead prematurely. This summer I worked in a special summer program where I worked as a nurse aide on med/surg but also was rotated to other units: ER, wound care, ICU, PACU, OR and OB.

    Well I really found my rotation to the OR fascinating however the role of the nurses on this particular unit was not too thrilling (no ofense) nor was the surgery ... what interested me was what the anesthesiologist was doing. So, I am very interested in pursuing the CRNA path to get back into the OR.

    Okay, long story short, I live in San Diego and just cannot relocate because hubby's job is here. So, I was wondering if any of you students attending Fullerton commute to campus/clinical? I looked it up on and it looks like about a 2hr commute from Oceanside (if we move). Is this long commute feasible with the time commitment of the CRNA program? Do most of you live in the Los Angeles area?

    The reason I'm planning so early is because I'm trying to make decisions - I'll be doing a nurse externship next summer and need to choose btwn ICU, ER, med/surg and OB. If becoming a CRNA is a feasible plan, then I will definitely need to start my ICU experience asap. I am already aware of all the other things needed in preparation for the program (grades, BSN, ICU experience, GRE scores, etc.), the only thing that I see as a real problem now is location/commute.

    Well thanks for any and all input/advice.
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  3. by   Qwiigley
    I live 1.5 hours away from Pasadena and between 45 min and 4 hours from any clinical site. I live in Ventura. It is do-able. Try to move to Oceanside, at least, tho. Clinical sites range from San Diego (2 sites), Riverside, Anahiem, W. LA, to Woodland Hills. You will get to go to most of these sites, from 1-3 months at a time. Expect a lot of driving and expect not to see your family for 24 months. I really am not kidding. Thank goodness my husband is a work-a holic and is understanding. I don't have kids. I really have no idea how I could and do this too.
  4. by   nurstudnt546
    Hi Qwiigley. Thanks so much for your post, it very much appreciated. You have given me a good idea of what to expect (should I pursue this career path and get accepted) as far as drive time goes. With the variety of clinical sites, it seems as though there is no exact living location that is convenient. I do agree, Oceanside would be the most "workable" place to live (in my situation at least).

    It's good that you don't have kids at this time. For me, this would be the hardest part. I have a 2yr old son right now, but plan to have another in a couple more years. Of course CRNA school will be sometime in the future (after my BSN) - probably when they're much older.

    Another question, regarding the 24 months (I think I know the answer but...) is the program 24 months straight (no summers off)?
  5. by   Qwiigley
    yep, no time off at all. If you call in sick, you make it up on Sat and Sunday.